DC Council Trolls White House Over Job Vacancies on April Fools' Day

What to Know

  • The D.C. Council fired up their cheeky Twitter feed on April Fools' Day.
  • The council announced a faux White House partnership to employ local kids for vacant positions, all the way up to Deputy Treasury Secretary.
  • The joke post nodded to some high-level White House departures.

April Fools' Day definitely didn't stymie the DC Council's cheeky Twitter feed.

During the early hours of the prankster's holiday, the council posted a message on Facebook saying they would work with the White House to fill thousands of vacancies with D.C. students and youth.

The faux candidates? Largely underqualified kids who were pumped about skipping ten steps in their careers.

The post joked that the District's Summer Youth Employment Program would start funnelling D.C. kids into high-level jobs with the federal government:

"'In the past, when I applied for the Summer Youth Employment Program, I had one or two intern-level jobs to choose between,'" explained one sixteen-year-old. 'But thanks to the new partnership with the White House, I’m struggling to choose between being Deputy Treasury Secretary and Director of the National Park Service.'"

It's a clear jab toward the federal executive branch, which indeed has a high number of vacancies and a record turnover rate. President Donald Trump promised during his campaign to shrink the federal workfoce.

The mocking post, which detailed a job fair that never happened, nodded to some White House characters. 

Anthony Scaramucci, who worked for the administration for 10 days got a hat tip by one of the so-called students, who was quoted saying: "'I am only available to work for six weeks before I have to go back to school. This doesn’t seem to phase them. They told me that a former hire, someone in communications, didn’t even make it two weeks.'"

Robert Mueller's investigation team made an appearance at the hypothetical job fair: "One young lady who stuck out a bit at the job fair was wearing a trench coat and taking an awful lot of notes," the post read.

Watch out for fake news Sunday and every day, readers!

Here's the full post:

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