DC Climate Activists Hold Gridlock Protest Again on Friday

#ShutDownDC protesters encircled the World Bank building on Pennsylvania Avenue


Climate activists blocked D.C. intersections during the morning rush hour again on Friday, potentially setting up a rough rush hour for downtown workers.

Demonstrators marched from the George Washington University campus, then encircled the World Bank building on Pennsylvania Avenue and closed roads in the area.

Around 11 a.m., protesters met up at Franklin Square for a Fire Drill Friday rally. Jane Fonda and other celebrities have been facing weekly arrest in D.C. to raise awareness about climate change.

Demonstrators marched financial institutions they say have strong ties to the fossil fuel industry, including BlackRock, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, CitiGroup and TD Bank. Anticipate possible closures on Friday afternoon.

#ShutDownDC has staged gridlock protests before, including in September when they towed a boat onto 16th and K Streets NW. 

At least 20 different groups, including Black Lives Matter and 350.org, were involved in the effort. The shutdown, they said, was necessary to draw attention to a climate emergency.

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