More Than 100 Gather in DC for ‘Not My Presidents Day' Protest

More than 100 protesters have gathered in D.C. Monday to rally against President Donald Trump.

The crowd chanted "Dump Trump" and "Love, not hate: That's what makes America great" at Dupont Circle. Dozens held signs with sayings such as, "He is not above the law" and "#45: Mockery Worldwide." 

While the crowd was initially described as consisting of dozens of people, News4's Mark Segraves reported about 2:50 p.m. that the crowd had grown to more than 100.

The DC rally is one of several "Not My Presidents Day" protests planned across the country to mark the Presidents Day holiday. Protesters are criticizing Trump's immigration policies, among other things. 

Lee Carter, who is running for a Northern Virginia House of Delegates seat, told the crowd that people have "had enough" of Trump's administration. Carter said that's "quite a feat," considering Trump has only been in office a month.

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