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Coyote Hunted Down and Killed After Three Attacks in Rockville

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Authorities hunted down and killed a coyote after three reported attacks in Rockville, Maryland, Thursday, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue said.

The aggressive animal was also spotted by at least two other residents who were concerned about its behavior.

An officer found the coyote in a storm drain at Upper Watts Branch Park Thursday evening. It charged at the officer, who fired at the coyote, which ran away from the officer to a group of officers who had established a perimeter.

“We set up a perimeter; we saw it,” Rockville Police Chief Victor Brito said. “One of my officers saw it coming through a storm tunnel, charged him. He discharged his weapon towards the animal. We believe we struck the animal.”

The coyote was taken to a lab to determine if it had rabies.

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue had advised residents of parts of Rockville to stay indoors. That advisory has been lifted.

First responders took 59-year-old Ana Adams to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries after the attack on Winder Court around 10 a.m.

"She went to look for a stick and then the coyote began to bite her so she hit the animal several times," said her husband, Michael. 

The woman received a rabies shot but it's unclear whether the coyote was rabid.

Her dog was also injured, said Montgomery County Fire and Rescue spokesman Pete Piringer. The dog is currently in quarantine, officials said.

About five hours later, a child was bitten several times on a trail in a wooded area near Nelson Street and College Parkway. The child is expected to be OK.

Another woman was bitten about an hour after the child was attacked.

Police say a possibly aggressive coyote was spotted two additional times on Thursday.

A man walking a dog saw a coyote "acting aggressively" near Princeton Palace at 5:30 a.m., officials said. The man raised his arms and made loud noises to scare the animal away.

A homeowner then saw their dog barking at the suspected coyote on Aster Boulevard at 11 a.m. Officials said the dog was then taken to the veterinarian. It's not clear if the dog was injured, police say.

Police said they have never experienced something like this before.

Anyone who encounters the animal is advised to leave the scene immediately and call 911.

If you encounter a coyote, here's what police say you should do:

Try to back away slowly — but don't run. Making loud noises and raising your arms could scare it away. You can also throw sticks or dirt at the ground near the coyote, but avoid hitting the animal's head lest it becomes more aggressive.

It's also a good idea to leash your dog to avoid a run-in with a wild animal.

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