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Confederate Flag Found Hanging From Maryland High School Flagpole

A confederate flag was found hanging from a Maryland high school’s main flagpole Thursday morning, according to Charles County Public Schools.

JROTC cadets discovered the flag at La Plata High School as they were preparing to raise flags for the school day. It was removed.

Authorities believe it was hung there late Wednesday.

“CCPS students and staff should feel safe and welcomed in schools, not fearful, angry or sad,” the school district said in a news release.

“This cowardly act will not deter us from providing safe, welcoming environments for the children, teens and adults who come to our schools every day to teach and to learn. This incident will serve as a teachable moment. It must teach our children and ourselves that we as a school system and as a community will not tolerate symbols of hate, and we won’t allow hate to gain a foothold in our school system,” Superintendent of Schools Maria Navarro said in the release.

“The incident is especially disturbing following events that took place last weekend in Buffalo, N.Y.,” principal Douglass Dolan wrote in a letter to parents.

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