Combustible Costumes Frightening Possibility on Halloween

Many costumes burn quickly

Halloween is a time of year when everyone dresses up to be someone or something else for the night, and while dressing up is fun, experts warn it can also be a fire hazard.

With ghosts and goblins headed to your door soon, it's time to think about how to keep the spooky holiday safe. Watch the video to see why.

Washington Hospital Center offers a recipe to use to make homemade costumes more fire resistant. 

"What it does is keeps clothing from lighting up rapidly and catching on fire," Dr. James Jeng said.

Fire Retardant Recipe

(Courtesy Washington Hospital Center)

Mix 4 oz. Boric Acid with 9 oz. of Borax.

Dissolve that mixture in one gallon of warm water.

Soak the costume in the solution and let it dry.


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