Clearing Up Cloudy Glasses

More responses and ideas for clearing up those glasses

Our viewers' solutions to cloudy glasses keep pouring in:

“I stumbled across an article of using Tang, yes the stuff we drank when we were kids, for cleaning the tea stains out of tea cups as well as cleaning the insides of the dishwasher…. I decided to run it again with Tang and only Tang. You won't believe it but my knives now sparkle like they did when they were new, I can actually see through my clear glasses and even my plates look cleaner.”
-- Virginia, Leesburg, Va.

“…I switched to Seventh Generation Automatic Dishwasher Concentrated Pacs. The package states that it is 'Free and Clear.' My problem began to disappear immediately. Within a few weeks (I only use the dishwasher three times a week), there were no traces of film on my dishes or on the interior of my dishwasher.”
-- Lynda

1. The dishwasher should be checked out first. Many people have the ability to clean their dishwasher themselves, but if you cannot, call a reputable service company.
2. Try scrapping and then rinsing your dishes before you wash them – even if you have a top of the line washer that has a food grinder. This will keep bits of plastic and hard food skins out of the dishwasher.
3. Don’t wash plastic forks in your dishwasher.
4. Clean the screens on a regular basis.
-- Sue & Pete in Centreville, VA

“I saw your segment and couldn’t believe that others were having this same issue. I thought it was just us, and thought it was our dishwasher.”
-Try different combinations, like Finish Gel Pacs.
-Then add white vinegar to the dispenser where you would normally put Jet Dry additive.
-- Karen, Reston, VA

Add a product made from lemons called Lemi–Shine. Helps tremendously.
-- Sadie, WV

“We went to our local Pharmacy and purchased Citric Acid Crystals and put two tablespoons in our dishwasher once a month and no more spots.”
-- NBCWashington comment from Marcia

“…use Finish Tabs along with Jet Dry, I read the box and It's Phosphate Free, and our glasses and dishes are always spotless we never have any clouding…”
-- Randy & Ellie in Smithsburg, MD

“I have had the same problem in the past and when I switched to Finish (gel packs) and used Jet Dry in the rinse area of my dishwasher, everything came out looking wonderful! No spots, marks, streaks, just clean dishes.”
-- Mary, St. Mary’s County

@MJonesStudio we had this problem, started using Finish Powerballs in the dishwasher and our sparkle has returned.
-- Twitter friend

“…dishes are always clean and glasses are crystal clear when they come out of the dishwasher, even without adding a rinse agent into the cycle. I believe this is because I use the HI TEMP WASH cycle when I run the dishwasher.”
-- Jon, Gaithersburg, MD

Switched to phosphate-free dishwasher detergents on her own, and has great luck with Palmolive Eco.
-- Christine

“I use Costco brand (Kirkland) dishwashing soap and also add Clorox to each wash cycle. My glasses and dishes come out clean and clear. Don’t know if it is the dishwashing soap or Clorox.”
-- Stephanie, Manassas, VA

“Put 2 T of dishwasher detergent in open cup in dishwasher and put 2 T 20 Mule team Borax or Lemi Shine in closed cup.”
-- Joan, WV

I have been using Palmolive ECO + gel dishwasher detergent for over a year. It's also phosphate free and all my dishes, including my glasses come out sparkling clean.
-- Andrea, Locust Grove, VA

I really don't think it can be lack of phosphates in the dishwasher detergent because my problem goes back many years. My solution - buy new drinking glasses every year, or as needed. I wash my "good" glasses by hand.
-- Gloria, Winchester, VA

I have been on line reading about the non phosphate dishwasher detergent and have decided to add TSP to my detergent. I can get this at Home Depot or Lowes and I certainly hope that this works.
-- Carol

Shaklee's automatic dishwasher concentrate is all natural and has no chlorine or phosphates in it and it gets dishes sparkling clean, with no pre-rinsing! Ask me about it!
-- NBCWashington User TRISHREIS

What we discovered (was)...that we didn't need a 'lot of detergent (cascade - powder ) to get a though cleaning......The local Meile representative confirmed that most consumers tend to use 'way too much ' detergent.
-- Sheldon

My wife and I were having all of the same dishwasher problems described in you article. We tried white vinegar with little success! I found a product that solves the problems called lemi shine at our local target.
-- John, Inwood, WV

Put a small cup of white vinegar in the washer and the dishes came out bright and filmless.
-- Sharon

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