Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Md. Restaurant After Cameras Found in Bathroom

A class action lawsuit has been filed against a Maryland restaurant owner after he was accused of secretly videotaping women in the bathroom.

Kyle Muehlhauser, 37, was arrested last week on six counts of visual surveillance with prurient intent. A woman reported last May she was inside a bathroom at the Rams Head Tavern in Savage when a digital camera fell onto the floor. 

Detectives say footage on the camera showed a man placing the camera in the bathroom, and showed six different women who were secretly recorded.

According to court documents, an alleged victim has filed a class action lawsuit against Muehlhauser and Rams Head Tavern, claiming she visited the restaurant 12 times in the 30 days prior to the camera being discovered.

"[The victim] is appalled, disgusted, and angry that anyone would victimize women in this perverse
way, but believes that the antidote for such abuse is to confront the victimizers and hold them
accountable," according to a release from her attorney, Clarke F. Ahlers. 

Court documents list punitive damages at $3 million.

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