Child Left Inside Tent at McPherson Square

One arrested

A 13-month-old child was discovered alone Wednesday in one of the tents in McPherson Square.

Authorities said the child was found inside a tent in the northeastern corner of  McPherson Square, left unattended and wearing only a onesie.  Officers took the child into custody around 10 a.m., as rain fell on the park and temperatures hung in the 40s.

About a half-hour later, a man claiming to be the father arrived to claim the child, Park Police said.  That man, who is not part of Occupy DC, was arrested for second degree attempted cruelty to children.  Authorities said they were concerned for the child's health because of her lack of clothing and the cold outdoor temperatures.

The man has been identified as Samuel Mack, age 39.

The child was taken into an ambulance at the park but appeared to be in stable condition. Child Protective Services were contacted to take temporary custody of the girl.

Protesters with the Occupy DC movement have been encamped in McPherson Square since October 2011.

This week, the District's Health Department said rodent infestation is a concern at both the Freedom Plaza and McPherson Square camps.

Some of the protesters from the Freedom Plaza have recently sought shelter inside houses, but many still remain outdoors. Protesters there recently received a permit that allows them to stay until the end of February.

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