Chicken Parts Fall from the Sky in Virginia

You know Chicken Little's well-known refrain, "The sky is falling"?

Well, turns out the sky is just fine, and it's actually the chicken that's falling.

From the files of "We Couldn't Make This Up If We Tried," investigators in Virginia are looking into a report that a piece of raw poultry fell from the sky and plunked a teenager on the head in Accomack County.

A spokesman for Virginia's Department of Environmental Quality said Thursday the investigation will likely focus on the possibility the chicken was plucked from an improperly maintained compost pile.

Avian expert Bryan D. Watts told the Daily Times that the foot-long piece of processed chicken likely fell from the beak of a seagull.

Cassie Bernard was horseback riding Wednesday on Virginia's Eastern Shore when the piece of chicken hit her on the head. Other riders saw several more poultry parts fall from the sky. Bernard was wearing a helmet and was not injured.

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