Rec Center Opens in Chevy Chase

A lot more fun for kids in NW D.C.

With a pair of oversized scissors D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray cut a long red ribbon, officially opening up the Chevy Chase Recreation center in northwest Washington Tuesday.

A group of children crowded around him as well as other District officials, including the D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation's Jesus Aguirre.

The rec center off Livingston and 41st NW is home to some new amenities for the community including a dog park, splash park, playground, tennis courts, baseball field and basketball courts.

During the event, while some kids swung on monkey bars and others ran through spouts of water, the mayor spoke out about the importance of having parks throughout the District.

"Hopefully with the fields we are developing here at Chevy Chase and at Guy Mason and across the city, we'll have the opportunity for any kid who wants to play baseball, soccer, football or any other sport to have the ability to do that," he said.

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