Charles Severance Served With Extradition Warrant in West Virginia

By signing an extradition warrant to bring Charles Severance back from West Virginia, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe became the third public official – and the highest ranking – to link him to the investigation of three high-profile murders in Alexandria.

On WTOP's "Ask the Governor” program Wednesday, McAuliffe said in no uncertain terms he’s been told police in Alexandria want to question Severance.

“My secretary of public safety, Brian Moran, came to me, and obviously this person of interest is a concern to our law enforcement personnel,” the governor said. “They believe that there’s, and I don’t want to get too much, obviously, into a criminal case, but I was satisfied that I should sign the extradition order based upon the recommendation of my secretary of public safety as well as my law enforcement personnel who give me advice.”

Severance is in jail in West Virginia on an outstanding gun charge from Loudoun County, apparently unrelated to the deaths of Nancy Dunning, Ron Kirby and Ruthanne Lodato in Alexandria.

Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille has called Severance a person of interest, and the prosecutor handling his case in West Virginia also has linked him to the murders.

Alexandria police reiterated Wednesday that Severance is not wanted and has not been charged with anything in Alexandria and that it’s premature to call him a person of interest.

Severance was served with the extradition warrant Wednesday and is due back in court Monday. It could take weeks to return him to Virginia.

His public defender has called the gun charges against him a sham and is expected to fight the extradition order.

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