Charles County Mom Will Feed Homeless on Christmas for 9th Year Despite Pandemic

On Angela Cowan's ninth Christmas feeding the homeless, she'll distribute 300 meals. "We’re not going to go home until every last meal is gone"

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One mom from Charles County has spent every Christmas for the past several years feeding the homeless. This year, continuing the tradition will bring new challenges because of the pandemic.  

Still, Angela Cowan said she never considered calling it off.  

Traditionally, Cowan and her volunteers feed hundreds of homeless people at Franklin Square in Northwest D.C.

But that site is under construction, so this year she’ll reach those living on the streets directly rather than being set up in one place. 

“Just getting in our cars and reaching out to the homeless who are in the subways, behind buildings. Wherever we can find them, that’s where we’re going to be feeding them. And we’re not going to go home until every last meal is gone,” Cowan said.  

This will be her ninth year making hot Christmas meals happen through her nonprofit, ACW Productions.

She’s planning to distribute 300 meals. Because of the pandemic, the need is even greater, and she's accepting donations on her website.

“I just know this too shall pass, this whole thing is going to change, and this too is gonna work out. It’s going to work out. I do know that,” Cowan said.  

Although she won’t be able to use all the volunteers that have always supported the effort, her five kids and some friends will help pull it off, with social distancing, masks and gloves.

She’s not quite sure how it’s going to go, but she has faith.  

“This COVID has really impacted my family, but it’s not going to stop us from feeding the homeless,” Cowan said. 

Next year will be Cowan’s 10th Christmas feeding the homeless. She said it’s going to be beautiful, and she hopes everything will be back to normal.

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