Capital Roundup: The Redskins Don't Love You Edition

Every week there are news tidbits that we don't get to bring you, but deserve some attention anyway. We present them to you on Fridays. Today we do it while listening to Master P on repeat.

One lucky fan who figured the Redskins super secret player location got to run routes with the team. [Insider]

Dan Snyder's jet makes alot of trips - some shorter than others. [Sports Bog]

The party deck at FedEx Field is coming along nicely. [Redskins Blog]

Based on some obscure ranking by ESPN, the Redskins are the second worst team in the NFL as far as fan treatment. Actually, that sounds about right. [Sports Bog]

Everyone thinks they know what the Wizards will do in the draft, effictively proving that no one knows what the Wizards will do in the draft. [Bullets Forever]

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