Bullets Fired Into iHeartRadio Building in Rockville

Employees at a building on Rockville Pike that houses the D.C. offices of iHeartRadio are on edge after someone shot at the windows, damaging some of them.

The strange incident is believed to have happened during the July Fourth holiday weekend. Police are investigating it as a crime called unlawful discharge of a firearm.

From the ground, one of the multi-hundred-pound windows on the sixth floor of 1801 Rockville Pike in Rockville, Maryland, appears to be boarded up. Another window, on the fourth floor, appears to have damage to its frame.

"I'm surprised, because this doesn't happen often here," said one man. "You wouldn't think it would be in this neighborhood, but you know, it could be anything, so I don't want to get too alarmed about it. But, yeah, it's a little concerning."

Investigators have recovered potential evidence at the scene, a spokesperson for the City of Rockville said.

In addition to iHeartRadio, the building also houses a number of other businesses. Tenants of the building received an email telling them to work in areas away from the three damaged windows facing Rockville Pike.

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