McDonnell to Finally Retaliate Against Mean Dem. PAC

Common Sense VA keeps Bob McDonnell on the defensive

A surge in local night terrors has been reported in the Metro region recently, and all victims appear to be describing the same mental images: Republican candidate for Virginia governor Bob McDonnell is standing with Pat Robertson, and they're both vampires -- cackling vampires, awash in blood -- and it goes on like this for hours until a firm voice says "Common Sense Virginia is responsible for this travesty," after which it ends.

This Democratic-supporting political action committee, Common Sense VA, is very mean to Bob McDonnell, all the time. Its goal is to keep McDonnell on the defensive while the three Democratic candidates fight it out for the party's nomination, to be decided in June.

And they're doing a good job with that.

In the northern Virginia and D.C. area, most people don't even know that there's a major Democratic primary battle heading into its last leg right now, because the only teevee advertisements are these very angry attack ads from Common Sense airing every four seconds. (Common Sense's secret to success: they have a lot of money.)

McDonnell had hoped that this PAC would go away, quietly, and he could keep raising money while the Democrats fought out their primary. But the meanies have gotten to him, as he's decided to open his "purse" for some response ads:

McDonnell will begin airing TV ads Monday. His campaign has bought air time for one week in Norfolk, Richmond, Roanoke, Charlottesville and Tri-Cities, according to several sources familiar with the purchase.

A Common Sense spokesperson, Yoni Cohen, quickly responded, "In his new ad, will Bob McDonnell apologize for denying unemployed Virginians the help they need? Or will he attempt to distract voters from his decision to send Virginia's tax dollars to other states?"

Are these meanies ever off?

Jim Newell writes for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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