Birth Mother of Girl Found Dead in Freezer Has Mental Problems, Brother Says

The brother of the biological mother of one of the adopted girls found dead in a Calvert County freezer has learned the victim is family.

Minnet Bowman, who would have been 11 years old, was adopted by 43-year-old Renee Bowman several years ago. She never knew her biological mother, Doreen Randle, who walked away when Minnet was born at Howard University Hospital.

Ivan Randle, Doreen Randle's brother, said she has serious mental problems.

"During the course of us growing up she got involved with drugs," he said. "Somebody slipped her a mickey, which screwed with her head. I don't know exactly what it was that they gave her but it screwed up her mind. Then after that she started getting pregnant with several different men, having kids."

She had six children, he said.

Ivan Randle said he saw Minnet's picture on TV and noticed a family resemblance but only recently learned for sure that she was his niece.

Doreen Randle is kept in seclusion and does not know what happened to Minnet, Ivan Randle said.


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He is trying to locate another of his sister's daughters who was adopted so he and his wife can raise her and keep her safe.

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