Bill To Ban Flying Dogs Fails In Md. Senate

Senator's actual argument: Bill would lead "to a lot of unhappy dogs"

The Maryland state Senate took up a bill Tuesday, pretty basic, that would have banned dogs from riding unrestrained in the back of pickup trucks, which can not only kill dogs but also other motorists who hit flying dogs. The bill was voted down, 30-17.


The bill -- which passed in the House of Delegates last year, 127-7 -- was sponsored by Sen. Norman Stone Jr. in the Senate and Del. Kevin Kelly in the House. Kelly was inspired to introduce the bill after an incident "where a dog flew out of the pickup truck in front of him, causing him to swerve and narrowly avoid an accident," on a highway.

This sounds like something that could very easily happen. Flying dogs on the highway! Good lord!

The bill's opposition, however, was led by some wiseacres from the rural Eastern Shore, where people are selfish.

Sen. J. Lowell Stoltzfus, R-Somerset, said he feared farmers would not be able to drive with their dogs on roads, leading to "a lot of unhappy dogs."

"Does this mean Rover is destined to a life of isolation now?" Stoltzfus asked.

Oh, ha ha, we get it, he's saying "Rover" because that's a common dog name!

Senate President Mike Miller added that his dog likes to chase squirrels.

The best line of the day, however, would have to go to Kevin Kelly, who said after the vote, "I lost my dog. My dog got hit by a truck on the Senate floor."

Maryland is doomed.

Jim Newell likes to throw dogs at people on the highway when not writing for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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