Big Names Join Race for Va. Governor

The race for Virginia governor was a battle of guest stars Monday, just a week and a day before Election Day.

GOP faithful packed a reception hall in Fairfax County to show support for their candidate, Ken Cuccinelli, and to hear from Tea Party favorite Sen. Rand Paul. Meanwhile, Democrats gathered to hear from their candidate, Terry McAuliffe -- and his friend, President Bill Clinton.

"Ken Cuccinelli was the first attorney general to sue over Obamacare," Paul reminded the crowd at Monday's event.

In these final weeks of the campaign, Cuccinelli has turned his focus again to the Affordable Care Act, hoping to make it a defining issue in the race.

"If you want to hold back the tide of Obamacare, I need your vote November 5th," he said today.

Meanwhile, McAuliffe and Clinton continued their four-day swing through Virginia. McAuliffe pressed a familiar theme: that Cuccinelli is too conservative for Virginia.

"This is not just the most conservative ticket, it's the most idealogically extreme ticket seen in the history of our state," McAuliffe said today.

Political analyst Mark Rozell says its not surprise national polical leaders are stumping in Virginia; it's the only contested governor's race in this off year.

He says for McAuliffe, Clinton helps deliver campaign cash for the final push. But he questions Cuccinelli's decision to turn to Paul for his homestretch run.

"And that suggests perhaps that he hasn't done enough to secure his own conservative base going into the last days of this campaign," Rozell said, "which usually is a sign that a candidate is in trouble."

Cuccinelli will campaign in Prince William County Tuesday with GOP favorite, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, while McAuliffe continues to campaign with Clinton.

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