Beloved Capital City Checkers Club May Close

After 40 years in business, the club has been served a notice that they have to move out by March 20

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The beloved Capital Checkers Club on S Street in Shaw might be coming to an end.

The club wasserved a notice that they have to move by March 20.

For nearly 40 years, players have gathered at the Capital Checkers Club to take on challengers and make a name for themselves. Everyone in the modest building has a "checkers name."

It hasn’t gone unnoticed — there’s a book and a number of documentaries about the club.

Tal Roberts, also known as “The Razor,” is the president and self-described chief cook and bottle washer of the club. He said that the game of checkers teaches people the ways of life.

“When you play checkers, it teaches you patience,” Roberts said. “When you play checkers … it teaches you to plan ahead. You learn how to not do dumb mistakes in life.”

Roberts hopes someone will come forward and save his club and the checkers game he loves so much.

“The community loses, the youth loses, the elderly loses,” Roberts said.

A fundraiser was created to help the club.

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