‘The Outlook Is Dim': Baby Giraffe at Maryland Zoo Could Die Soon, Zoo Says

A weeks-old baby giraffe's condition has significantly gotten worse days after the animal was placed in intensive care at The Maryland Zoo.

The calf, Julius, has been struggling since he was born June 15 at The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. He received a plasma transfusion from a giraffe in Ohio a few days after he was born.

"Julius's condition has taken a turn from critical to dire," the zoo said in a statement on Friday. "Overnight, Julius did not feed well. Then, in the early hours of this morning, his health suddenly worsened."

The zoo went on to say that the veterinary and animal care teams gave Julius "the only slim chance of making it through the day he may get." Julius is receiving a solution through an IV and the zoo hopes he will remain stable enough to receive nutrients.

In a statement Saturday, the zoo had said the changes in Julius' bloodwork are "a serious concern for the giraffe care and veterinary teams." He is receiving hour-by-hour care, and efforts are continuing to feed him by bottle.

Julius was six feet tall and 143 pounds at the time of his birth, but initial tests showed the newborn had insufficient antibodies to protect him from disease.

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