Attempted Robbery Victim Opens Fire on Suspects in NE DC

Chaos erupted in Northeast D.C. Tuesday afternoon when an attempted robbery victim turned the tables on two suspects.

The suspects had guns when they approached the victim, whose rapper name is QC Grind, at 5th and H streets about 1:40 p.m. — but so did the victim.

He opened fire, hitting one of the suspects as well as businesses in the area.

“I just hit the ground and yelled upstairs to the people to get away from the windows, there was a shooting, but it all felt like it happened in about six seconds,” said Amanda Fayer, who works at one of the businesses that was hit.

QC Grind has a concealed carry permit.

“I just got it for protection,” he said.

There are 3,387 concealed carry permits in D.C.

Applicants must show good reason to fear injury to themselves or their property.

“It’s not hard to get,” QC Grind said. “You got to go through classes. It’s a process, that’s all.”

The suspects were caught a few blocks away. The wounded suspect is expected to survive.

The suspects are charged with assault with intent to rob.

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