Ask Liz: Space Heaters, Birth Certificates & Fruit Flies

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What are the dos and don'ts for space heater safety? The

Consumer Product Safety Commission


  • Only use space heaters that have been tested to the latest safety standards and make sure the heater is certified by a known testing laboratory.
  • Older heaters may not meet newer safety standards, and could potentially spark a home fire.
  • Put heaters on a hard, non-flammable surface -- not on rugs or carpets.
  • Turn space heaters off before you go to sleep and always keep children and pets away from space heaters.
  • Lastly, make sure you have working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in your home for added protection.

How do you replace a lost birth certificate? The National Center for Health Statistics helped us out:

  • An official certificate of every birth, death, marriage and divorce should be in a permanent file.
  • These records stored are in a state, city, county or other local office where the event occured.
  • And to get any of these records replaced, you’ll need to make a written request.
  • You can get more information on replacing your vital records by clicking here!

How do you get rid of fruit flies? We spoke with entomologist Mike Raupp over at the University of Maryland about this “pesty” problem.

  • He told us that fruit flies normally show up where there is fruit and vegetable material.
  • Leaving out bowls of fruit, veggie plates -- even a blueberry muffin -- can cause fruit flies to breed.
  • To get rid of the flies, Raupp says to trace fruit flies back to the source. The first stop is the fruit bowl. Clean everything out and look for rotting or spoiled fruits.
  • Next, seek out any rotting foods on the counter or even in the trash or recycling bins. Be sure to thoroughly clean all these areas, too.
  • If you think the foods may be down the drain, pour disinfectant down the drain.
  • Once the problem is cleaned up, the flies should disappear on their own.

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