Del., Md. Beaches Among the Cleanest in Nation: Report

Looking to head to the beach this summer?

Well, you're in luck. According to a new report from the Natural Resources Defense Council, beaches in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware are among the cleanest in the nation.

Delaware's beaches ranked first in water quality out of 30 states; Dewey Beach is listed as a "superstar" beach for its water quality over several years.

Maryland's beaches ranked fourth in beach water quality. The state's "superstars" were listed as Point Lookout State Park and Assateague State Park.

Virginia Beach at 28th Street, Virginia Beach at 45th Street, Back Bay Beach and Virginia Beach - Little Island Beach North were named "superstars" for Virginia. The commonwealth is sixth on the list for beach water quality.

The Natural Resources Defense Council,says you can reduce your risk of getting sick from contaminated water by doing the following:

  • Visit beaches that regularly have clean water when sampled and check NRDC's Beach Map to find them.
  • Pay attention to contamination and advisory warnings and stay out of polluted water.
  • Avoid swimming at beaches with nearby discharge pipes or at urban beaches after heavy rainfall.
  • Stay out of murky or foul-smelling water.
  • Avoid beach water if you have an open wound or infection.
  • Swim without putting your head under water.
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