Ambulance Slides on Ice During Response, Strikes Pedestrians

A Montgomery County ambulance slid across an ice patch late Tuesday evening, striking the two pedestrians it was responding to for help.

First responders initially responded to Cameron Hill Court in Silver Spring around 9 p.m. for an injured woman who slipped on the ice. That woman, along with a helper, was struck when the ambulance hit a patch of ice at the bottom of a hill and slid. 

The woman who initially fell was hospitalized with serious injuries. The other pedestrian was also injured, but is expected to be OK.

Pete Piringer with Montgomery County Fire and EMS said the accident is a reminder of how treacherous conditions can be even for first responders.

"Certainly we hope everyone takes due diligence, walks with caution, drives with care," Piringer said. "If you don't have to be out when these conditions exist, we hope that you would stay in." 

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