Alpacas Escape

Alpacas Get Loose, Roam Maryland Neighborhood

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A group of alpacas got loose in Maryland this week and went roaming through a neighborhood.

Pastor Joseph Gray III said he was headed to Starbucks Wednesday when he caught sight of the three alpacas casually strolling along a sidewalk in Clinton.

“They looked so clean, I figured they were well taken care of, and I’m like, you know, somebody left the gate open,” he said.

The alpacas live around the corner from where Gray spotted them.

Rashaod Crosson and Gregory Lea run a farm together, and four days ago they heard the alpacas were about to be abandoned by their previous owner. They rescued them and took them to Clinton.

“As soon as that gate opened, they shot off,” Crosson said. “So we’ve been chasing alpacas for the last four days.”

They used horses to herd them, and the alpacas are home safe, now.

“I would be floored if I was out somewhere and saw a pack of alpacas out,” Lea said.

Crosson and Lea are in the process of starting a petting zoo.

They said the alpacas appear to be best friends, never going anywhere without each other.

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