Achoo! Pat's Prized Pets Winner Will Bring You a Tissue

Congratulations to Maggie, the 8-year-old golden Labrador retreiver mix, and her owner Kathi Hall for winning the Pat's Prized Pets Bowl!

We got dozens of entries of dogs, cats, and even some birds. Our panel of judges used an Olympic scoring method to find the winner, and it was close, but Maggie's tissue trick won the judges over.

Maggie and Kathi live in Boyce, Virginia, and the two are very close.

"I don't know what I'd do without her. I really don't," Hall said of Maggie. "She's gotten me through a lot of difficult times, and when we train together, it just brings us so much closer. She's like a best friend."

Maggie can do a lot of other tricks, too - she's an American Kennel Club certified trick dog.

Congratulations again to Kathi and Maggie for winning!

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