AbbVie's Statement on Low T

Disease state awareness initiatives serve an important role by enhancing awareness of health conditions, educating patients about treatment alternatives, and referring consumers to qualified health care practitioners.  This is why the FDA encourages drug and device manufacturers to develop them.

AbbVie’s low testosterone efforts follow FDA’s guidance and were developed to educate men who may be at risk for, or have, low testosterone, so they can have the appropriate dialogue with their physician to determine if testing and treatment may be appropriate.

Prescription topical testosterone replacement medicines can only be prescribed by a physician after taking a patient’s complete medical condition into consideration.

AndroGel has more than 10 years of clinical, safety, published and post-marketing data, with therapeutic risks well documented in the prescribing label.  It is approved by the FDA to treat adult men with low or no testosterone (hypogonadism) who have been diagnosed by a physician.

We encourage discussion between physicians and patients that leads to proper diagnosis based on symptoms, lab tests and a patient’s other health needs.

The National Institute of Aging (NIA) is currently conducting the Testosterone Trial, or T Trial, to determine if a testosterone treatment for men 65 years and older will help their walking, vitality, sexual function, memory and blood count.

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