“Doonesbury” Calls it For Obama

From the Washington City Paper blog City Desk

The Post’s very excellent comics blog, Comic Riffs, has the scoop on Garry Trudeau filing a strip for next Wednesday assuming an Obama win. He has a replacement strip ready just in case, but whatever:

Trudeau tells Comic Riffs today: “If I didn’t call the election, I’d have no premise for the week and be forced to write about something else. I didn’t want to write about something else. This is history.”

Did Trudeau then create the strip with complete and utter confidence that Obama will win? “Nope, more like rational risk assessment,” Trudeau explains. “Nate Silver at Fivethirtyeight.com is now giving McCain a 3.7% chance of winning — pretty comfortable odds. … Here’s the way I look at it: If Obama wins, I’m in the flow and commenting on a phenomenon. If he loses, it’ll be a massive upset, and the goofy misprediction of a comic strip will be pretty much lost in the uproar. I figure I can survive a little egg on my face.”

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