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Wilson High School Ruled Out of Turkey Bowl

Anacostia will now play Dunbar for DCIAA title



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    DCPS has ruled that Woodrow Wilson High School will not be allowed to play in Thursday's DCIAA Turkey Bowl due to fielding a non-resident player.

    Wilson will be replaced by Anacostia, whom Wilson defeated 40-20 November 10 to advance to the Turkey Bowl and play Dunbar. That victory by Wilson avenged a 22-20 defeat at the hands of Anacostia on September 14

    DCPS announced their decision in a release Sunday morning.

    "Recently, DCPS began an investigation looking into the residency of a Wilson High School football player. Within the last 48 hours, it was determined that this player is in fact a non-resident and therefore ineligible to play football for Wilson," the statement read.

    "After reviewing tapes of games, Wilson High School administration and coaches determined this player played in two league games. Due to the player's ineligibility, Wilson will have to forfeit the games when this player was on the field, including two league games. The forfeiture of two league games makes them ineligible for the playoffs and the Turkey Bowl.

    "While DCPS regrets any confusion or frustration this may cause, it is important to ensure the integrity and fairness of the game."

    Wilson posted a record of 8-3 this season, including a 20-13 win over Dunbar October 26. It was not immediately clear who the ineligible player was or in which games he had played.

    The 43rd edition of the DCIAA Turkey Bowl will take place at 11 a.m. at Eastern High School.