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Virginia Teachers Observe "Black Friday"

They're mourning potential cuts to their retirement benefits



    Virginia Teachers Observe "Black Friday"

    Teachers all across Virginia are uniting in a protest against cuts in public education.

    They’re wearing all black today as part of a “Black Friday” protest.

    According to WAVY-TV, the protest was launched on Facebook by the Virginia Education Association.

    VEA President Kitty Boitntt says the teachers are wearing black because they’re mourning cuts aimed at teacher retirement benefits.

    “We are in mourning because of the open disrespect and disdain being shown Virginia’s school teachers by members of this General Assembly and its Governor.”

    Boitnott also pointed out Virginia lawmakers have already cut $1.4 billion in the state’s Standards of Quality.

    However, some lawmakers are pushing for more help for public schools.

    Earlier this week, the House added $140 million for schools, and one version of the state budget includes increased state aid.

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