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Va. Bills Would Crack Down on Cell Phones & Driving

Texting, teen use become primary offenses



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    The Virginia Senate has passed three measures designed to crack down on people who still use cell phones while driving.

    Under one bill, texting would become a primary offense – meaning police can pull you over and give you a ticket for doing it. Currently, you only get a ticket if you’re stopped for another reason.

    A second bill also makes teen cell phone use a primary offense. So, kids, if the cops spot you chatting on the phone while behind the wheel, you’d be toast under this new law.

    A third measure would make it illegal to answer or make a cell phone call while driving without using a hands-free device.

    The texting bill passed Tuesday on a 28-11 vote. The teen cell phone ban passed 33-7, despite arguments that the bill could lead to innocent drivers being pulled over simply because they look young. The hands-free bill passed on a vote of 26 to 13.

    The bills now go to the House of Delegates, which has traditionally killed such legislation in the past.