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Two Sites Considered for Hospital in Prince George’s County



    Two Locations Considered for New Prince George's Co. Hospital

    Prince George's County is considering two locations to build a new Hospital center. The first location is near the Largo Metro and Boulevard. The second is on the old Landover Mall location. News4's Prince George's County Bureau Chief Tracee Wilkins has the report. (Published Friday, July 26, 2013)

    The decision about where a new regional medical center will be built in Prince George’s County is expected any day now.

    Two sites are in the running: The old Landover Mall location just off the Beltway and another near the Largo Metro Station.

    “There are more people who need care and fewer opportunities for them to access care,” said Maryland State Delegate Melony Griffths, a spokesperson for Greater Baden Medical Services.

    Greater Baden’s Capitol Heights clinic is located in a community considered an at-risk health zone.

    “We know when compared with neighboring jurisdictions, our citizens die earlier than those of neighboring jurisdictions that have more access to health care,” Griffiths said.

    That’s why Prince George’s officials want a regional medical care facility in the center of the county.

    “It provides better, more proximate care to our citizens; it creates jobs; and then it brings in state and local tax revenue,” said Prince George’s County Chief Administrative Officer Brad Seaman.

    Both sites being considered by the Dimensions Healthcare board are large enough for the 700,000-plus-square-foot hospital, so the decision comes down to money.

    “The cost of the land acquisition and the site-development costs, and that really is the reason we have decided to submit two letters of intent because we’re not done with those negotiations yet,” Seaman said.

    For clinics like Greater Baden, where doctors are overworked, the hope is a major hospital will attract more physicians and a stronger healthcare system.

    “We certainly look forward to having others help us meet the need,” Griffiths said.

    County officials said they will make their final site selection and give it to Dimensions Healthcare by September.