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Call for Tougher Laws After Toddler Left in Car



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    There are renewed calls to change a Virginia law after the death of two-year-old Ryan Murphy in Bristow, Virginia.

    His mother told police she found her son unresponsive inside the family minivan at their home.  Investigators said he may have been left in the family mini-van for nearly seven hours during the middle of the day.
    One group is pushing for a law that would make it illegal to leave a child alone in a car.
    "We have a slogan,  zero seconds," said Becky Ball, spokeswoman for Harrison’s Hope.  "We want all parents, caregivers and children to recognize it's zero seconds, never to leave a child unattended in or around a car. Not even for a second."
    The non-profit group educates caregivers and parents about the dangers of children being left alone in and around cars.
    Police said the death appears to be an accident.
    No charges have been filed in the case.