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The Night Note: 08/24/2011

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    The Night Note: 08/24/2011

    The following stories have been hand-selected by the Assignment Desk at News4:

    Escaped International Drug Dealer On the Run

    Washington Examiner   "A member of an international marijuana and money-laundering ring escaped from a Maryland prison, and U.S. marshals deputies are asking the public to help find him. Sean Vanle, who is also known as Sean Cao, walked away from the federal minimum security prison in Cumberland in 2006, and authorities have not spotted him since. Supervisory Inspector Matt Burke said the U.S. Marshals Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force could use some help in locating the 33-year-old fugitive. Vanle was serving an eight-year-plus sentence."

    Are Red-Light Runners Caught on Tape Liable?

    Alexandria Times   "Cameras at the intersections of Duke and Walker streets, South Patrick and Franklin, and South Patrick and Gibbon have captured images of motorists running red lights since July. After a month-long trial period, when offenders were issued warnings only, city officials began mailing $50 tickets to violators caught on camera. Almost as soon as the trial period ended critics raised questions about the program’s practicality. In an editorial blasting the cameras, the Washington Times indicated violators could ignore the tickets — the fines were only enforceable if delivered by a law enforcement officer."

    Baltimore Man Freed in Libya

    Baltimore Sun   "Matthew VanDyke, the Baltimore freelance journalist who went missing in Libya in March, has escaped from an infamous prison there one day after rebel forces stormed Moammar Gadhafi’s compound in Tripoli, his family said Wednesday.  "He sounded fine and said, 'Hi, mom,' saying what I wanted to hear all along," said Sharon VanDyke, the South Baltimore resident who has been a tireless advocate for her son since she lost contact with him earlier this year. "He sounded fine other than he said he thought maybe he lost his voice because he didn't have anybody to talk to for six months."