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End of an Era for Holland Island

End of the island, too



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    Steve Miller
    This is looking west (duh!) from Worton Creek, a few miles west of Chestertown on Maryland's Eastern Shore. A magnificent sunset.

    Strong winds brought down the last house on Holland Island, the lower Eastern Shore land mass that has slowly retreated into the ocean.

    One home to some 360 people and 70 stores and residences, Holland Island has gradually succumbed to nature. At high tide, the rising tide now completely submerges an island that was once five miles long.

    The Associated Press reported the incident today, which was noted by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation -- and probably few others. The last residents of Holland Island fled in 1922. Though this final house has served as an occasional refuge for crabbers over the years, its use has diminished with the vanishing island.