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Several Fights Filmed at Congress Heights Metro Station



    Police Reviewing Metro Fight Videos

    Metro Police say they're looking into a series of disturbing videos posted online Monday that show young people beating each other to the ground in and around the Congress Heights Metro station. (Published Monday, Feb. 17, 2014)

    Metro Police are investigating what led to at least two fights at a Metro station Sunday evening.

    Video posted Monday shows several fights that happened inside and outside the Congress Heights Metro station, just before 11 p.m.

    The video shows several young people apparently ganging up on one person inside the station, while others watched. The video then cuts to the plaza outside the station, where two women square off, then begin to fight. 

    No one is seen stopping the fight.

    According to Metro, the station manager called police but did not intervene -- which is what they're trained to do in these situations.

    By the time police responded, the groups dispersed. None of the people who were involved reported being attacked, leading police to believe the fights weren't random attacks or robberies.

    "Many of these young groups purposely record their disorderly behavior and post it on social media with the hope that they'll get media attention," according to a Metro spokesperson.