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School Project Raises Concern About Political Bias

Students asked to research Republican candidates' vulnerabilities



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    An election year may seem like a good time to teach children about politics, but a project at a Fairfax County middle school caused controversy.

    A teacher asked Liberty Middle School eighth-graders to do political research papers on Republican presidential candidates. The teacher told students to dig up the candidates’ vulnerabilities and identify which campaign office would benefit from the research.

    Upon learning about the project, a parent became concerned it took a political side and complained to a school board member, who contacted the principal.

    The teacher was instructed not to assign the same project again.

    "If he were to give this assignment again, give the kids the opportunity to pick the candidate of their choice, do some research on from either party, and also to emphasize the fact that this assignment has to do more with learning about the political process, and not endorsing one candidate over another," Fairfax County Public Schools spokesman John Torre said.

    None of the research was sent to any campaign offices, school administrators said. There was never any intent to send it.