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Proposed D.C. Taxi Fare Increase Fuels Debate

Hearing held on fare increase



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    You may soon have to pay more money if you hail a cab in the District.

    The DC Taxicab Commission held a public hearing Tuesday to talk about raising and revising current rates.

    The current fee is $1.50 per mile, but some taxicab drivers are calling for that rate to rise to $2.75 per mile.

    That’s too steep a cost in a cash-strapped economy, critics said.

    “We feel that $2 per mile is an acceptable rate to give D.C. cab drivers a living wage while keeping cabs affordable for D.C. residents,” DC Taxi Watch spokesman Jack Jacobson said.

    Those drivers pushing for a higher fare say they need more money to stay in business.

    “We’re really sympathetic to that actually, but D.C. consumers are also facing those same economic conditions and need to be able to afford taxicabs as well,” Jacobson said.

    More public dialogue is needed to determine a reasonable rate, he said.

    The Chairman of the Taxicab Commission said rates should be raised, but how much and when is far from being decided.

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