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Polling Place to Open for One Voter



    Polling Place to Open for One Voter
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    When Virginia holds its Republican primary later this month, one resident will get their own, personal polling place.

    Recent redistricting has placed a tiny corner of Bacon’s Castle, Virginia in a different election district. But only one registered voter lives within that new district.

    According to the Surry County registrar, this is the first time the county will have to open a poll for just one voter. The poll will be open from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m., require a staff of three poll workers and cost the state about $2,000 for the day.

    “It’s a regular election,” Registrar Lucille Epps told the Smithfield Times, adding that even if the voter came to the poll early in the morning, it will have to stay open all day. There is always the possibility that someone not on voter rolls could come in and cast a ballot. But considering there are only two other houses in the district, and they both are vacant, that is highly unlikely.

    The county tried to arrange for the voter to be able to cast their ballot in a different district, but the state board of elections won’t allow it. It also means the district will have the highest (100%) or lowest (0%) voter turnout.