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Panel: UVa. Should Consider Becoming More Private



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    One of the biggest state supported schools in Virginia is talking about becoming more private.

    According to The Washington Post, a panel at the University of Virginia proposed that the school break some of it ties with the state government.

    Making UVa. more private could help it raise tuition and get it out of financial trouble while giving administrators more power. But the move could also make it more difficult for in-state students to get admitted and increase tuition dramatically.

    Last year, state funding made up about six percent of the school's $154 million budget, The Post reported. UVa. would have to give up that state funding if it ever decided to follow the panel's recommendations.

    UVa. President Teresa Sullivan said going private is just a brainstorming idea, adding there are no plans to follow the panel's recommendations.

    The university is among the nation’s top public universities and was recently named one of the 25 best colleges in the country by U.S. News and World Report.