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Obama Club Opens in Shanghai

Nightclub Hopes Its Name will change Shanghai Night Life



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    It's called the Obama Club, but there's nothing presidential about it.

    The Shanghai club named after the U.S. president is more pole-dancing than politics, and you can bet the president did not give his blessing. Keeping with the theme of change, the club hopes to rejuvenate Shanghai's nightlife. The audacity!

    According to Shanghaiist.com, the Obama Club is a massive, Las Vegas-style nightclub -- part Cirque de Soleil, part Studio 54. The club reportedly attracts all walks of life -- middle aged men carrying murses (man purses), break-dancers, country bumpkins and of course, the beautiful people. It has VIP rooms named after U.S. cities -- even if the Boston room and the Miami room look a lot alike.

    Shanghaiist also said the DJ-mixed music matched the crowds -- lots of variety, but bad transitions. The pole dancers drew a lot of attention, pretty self-explanatory, but the women in bejeweled faces and white lace outfits left party-goers puzzled.   

    With the president's name lighting up the Shanghai sky, club owners hope to keep drawing big crowds. But don't expect an appearance by Barack Obama himself anytime soon.