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No Such Luck: Lottery Scams Continue in Virginia



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    Clerk prints off lottery ticket. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

    If a couple of strangers outside a convenience store tell you they've just hit the lottery and that they're willing to split the pot with you, you're either having a really awesome day or you're the latest target in a scam making the rounds in Fairfax County.

    Police are looking for at least two men accused of making offers to split a fictional jackpot with several people, only to take cash from their victims in return. It's happened at least three times since May.

    The first reported incident happened May 12, when two suspects approached a 62-year-old man in a grocery store parking lot on Richmond Highway. Police said the guys used the lottery ticket scam to dupe their victim out of $2,000.

    The second time escalated to a kidnapping and robbery situation in the Tysons Corner area. On June 2, according to authorities, two men told a 74-year-old man they had a winning lottery ticket and that they needed his help to cash it. The 74-year-old then took the suspects to his home, where he was reportedly threatened by the suspects. Police say the guys drove their victim to the bank and forced him to withdraw cash before making their getaway near Lee Highway and Gallows Road.

    The latest incident happened July 9, in the parking lot of a gas station. Police say a 45-year-old victim gave $15,000 to two guys under the belief he would get a cut of their lottery winnings.

    The suspect descriptions differ in each instance, and police have only released images of the suspects in the most recent lottery scam report. One is from a surveillance camera; the other is a sketch.

    Check out the photo, sketch and other suspect descriptions here, and get in touch with police or Crime Solvers if you think you can help in these cases.