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NRA Asks Armed Virginia to Vote Early -- Too Early



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    Bob McDonnell will cast his vote Nov. 3.

    Politico spotted a major mistake in the NRA's ad asking Virginians to vote for Republican Bob McDonnell for governor. It tells them to vote for him on Nov. 2, when their votes won't count. Election Day is Nov. 3.

    OK, most people know that Election Day is the first Tuesday of November as well as they know how to tie their shoes. As well, even, as they know the difference between Monday and Tuesday. So they're not likely to make that mistake.

    But where's the pride in details?

    The NRA should've quit after that classic Sopranos spoof touting McDonnell for defending Virginia from New York CityMayor Michael Bloomberg, who wants tighter gun control laws in the commonwealth in order to keep New York criminals from getting their guns from Virginians.