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MoCo Ready to Fight Fairfax

Council president has job envy



    MoCo Ready to Fight Fairfax
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    In polite society, this is better than pistols at dawn -- especially given the gun regulations in Maryland.

    Our county's so totally, like, better than your county!  Up your ear, Fairfax! 

    MoCo's council president, Nancy Floreen, is taking the gloves off, reports WTOP.  She's not talking Kum Ba Yah with Fairfax County any more.  At a recent luncheon, she spoke of competing with Fairfax County for jobs, not cooperating: "We've got too many assets in our county to let Fairfax or any of our neighbors beat us when it comes to offering attractive job opportunities."

    She noted that MoCo is next-to-last in the region in job growth over the last decade.  She feels that it's time for MoCo to get some spine and to start punching back.  Rather than talking about the region's priorities, she thinks MoCo needs to do what is in its own best interest a bit more than they do.

    In a county where no good deed goes unregulated for long, and with high taxes and higher rents, that might be a tough sell for some businesses.  With Maryland facing a $2 billion budget shortfall, even the low-level chatter of increased taxes could be enough to spook some business across the Potomac into Fairfax County's waiting arms.

    In the meantime, maybe they'll just throw up some more speed cameras.  That's a job, right?