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Missing Metallica Fan Seen Hitchhiking After Concert

Virginia Tech student told friends she'd find her own way home



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    Morgan Dana Harrington

    Virginia State Police said they believe a Virginia Tech student missing for nearly a month was hitchhiking after she left a Metallica concert in Charlottesville.

    Witnesses saw a woman fitting the description of 20-year-old Morgan Dana Harrington of Roanoke on a bridge that crosses railroad tracks trying to get a ride, police said Friday.

    Harrington became separated from her friends after she left the concert arena Oct. 17 and was denied re-entry. She told them she would find a way home.

    Investigators want to hear from anyone who might have loaned a cell phone to a woman fitting Harrington's description, police said.

    Harrington was wearing a distinctive necklace made of large crystal chain links, police said.

    Metallica is offering $50,000 for information in the search for Harrington. Jefferson Area Crime Stoppers is offering $100,000.

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