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Md. County Considers Banning Roosters, Other Farm Animals



    Md. County Considers Banning Roosters, Other Farm Animals
    Montgomery County officials are considering zoning laws banning residents from keeping roosters on public property.

    Roosters kept on residential property in Montgomery County, Md. may be a thing of the past pending a Tuesday evening meeting.

    Montgomery County Council's Planning Committee is holding a hearing on zoning changes including buildings heights, development density and roosters, as well as other farm animals, on public property.

    "Residential farm pets are clearly going to be a big issue," Montgomery County Council member Nancy Floreen said. "We're a little surprised about that because it hasn't been a big issue until now."

    In fact, Tacoma Park residents have embraced the legend of Roscoe the Rooster, who used to roam the streets, being fed by some and despised by others when he woke them up early in the morning.

    Roscoe's Pizzeria even took his name, and some Tacoma Park residents don't have any problem with the farm animal.

    "As long as it doesn't wake me up in the morning, and it hasn't, I don't have a problem with it," Jamie Griffin said.

    In fact, rooster zoning hasn't been addressed for 35 years in the county.

    A.J. Campbell owns several roosters and said she isn't sure what she will do if she is forced to give them up.

    "I'll either find somebody to kill them or take them to some type of poultry auction," Campbell said. "I mean, most of the sanctuaries are overrun with roosters because most people don’t want roosters, they want hens."

    Campbell said she hasn't gotten any complains about her two roosters and six hens. However, a neighbor told News4 he isn't too fond of the fowl.

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