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Maryland Woman Thankful Just to Be Alive

Paramedics pay Thanksgiving visit to woman they saved



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    Sade Davis

    A woman from Clinton, Md., has more for which to be thankful than ever this holiday. Like her life and the life of her unborn son.

    Sade Davis, 23, essentially drowned about a month ago, but paramedics managed to bring her back to life and save the child she and her boyfriend, Jerome Aaron, are expecting in a couple of weeks.

    "I had my family here, baby on the way," Davis said Thursday. "We're both doing great."

    And her new BFFs -- those paramedics who rescued her -- dropped by with gifts this Thanksgiving, too.

    Davis was on her way to get a sonogram when her SUV left the road, struck some trees and overturned in a creek.

    "I don't remember the accident," Davis said. "I just remember waking up in the hospital."

    Luckily for her, Prince George's County paramedics were responding to another call when a witness flagged them down.

    "Just the worst feeling in the world, once we got down there and realized we couldn't get in that car, it just kept getting a little worse and worse," said Lt. Dale Giampetroni, one of those first responders.

    They outlook became more grim when they realized the victim was pregnant and not breathing. In the back of the paramedics' minds, experience told them the chances of positive outcome were not good.

    "It's actually the first one I've ever been on where it went from being grim to 'OK, there's a chance,' and of course now we're here talking to her," said paramedic Wesley Auld. "It's truly amazing."

    Davis is saving all the news clippings of her amazing story to one day show Jaden, who's due Dec. 9.