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Maryland Scores Above National Averages on Report Card



    Maryland Scores Above National Averages on Report Card

    Maryland public school students scored above national averages in a national assessment, according to results released Thursday from the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

    The NAEP, which is known as the nation's report card, tests a sample of fourth- and eighth-grade students on reading and mathematics every two years.

    While Maryland students improved in reading, math scores went down slightly, compared to 2011.

    Fourth-grader scores for reading went from 231 to 232. The national average is 221. The Maryland State Department of Education noted that state scores have increased by 20 points since 1992.

    Eighth-grader scores in reading improved from 271 to 274. The national average is 266. Maryland scores have increased by 12 points since 1998 and nine points since 2007, according to the department.

    Fourth-grader results for math dropped from 247 to 245. The national average is 241. Scores have gone up by 23 points since 2000 and 5 points since 2007, the department said.

    Eighth-grader scores went down from 288 to 287. The national average is 284. Maryland scores have increased 9 points since 2003, the department said.

    The test is a congressional authorized project sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education through the National Center for Educational Statistics.