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Local Leads: 4/20/10

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    A Stafford County woman is accused of trying to shoot a man who threatened to tell her family about their relationship, police said. Sheriff's spokesman Bill Kennedy said a woman had a gun and was chasing the man down the street with it when a deputy arrived in the area of Northampton Boulevard in North Stafford about 8:30 a.m. Saturday. She tried to shoot the man three times, Kennedy said, but the weapon didn't fire. (Fredericksburg.com)

    A woman who Frederick police said stole items from the Burlington Coat Factory used her child's stroller and diaper bag to conceal the goods, according to charging documents.  Tanya Lashawan Nolen, 23, of Frederick , was released Sunday from the Frederick County Adult Detention Center on $1,000 bail. (Frederick News Post)

    Sexting, kids sending naked pictures of each other through cell phones, has left law enforcement agencies and school officials struggling with how to punish or prevent the phenomenon. Last week, police and school officials busted a Pyle Middle School boy who was renting out his iPod Touch so other boys could view images of middle school girls exposing themselves. (Examiner)

    Burglary can be hard, tiring work. After you've broken into a restaurant by prying open a roof vent, then done some more prying inside the business, you've worked up a thirst.  That's when one Fairfax County man decided it was time for a few cold beers, county police said. But he left his DNA on the bottles, and now he may face charges. (Washington Post)

    The wind was blowing hard on the ridge at Bar-T Mountainside Friday, turning a power-generating turbine like a propeller blade. Joe Richardson, the owner of Bar-T Mountainside on Roderick Road in Urbana, had the turbine installed on March 31, seizing the opportunity that exists in Frederick County since leaders granted property owners the right to build wind turbines last year. (Gazette)